CREATE JOBS FOR ARIZONANS: A small business owner in rural Arizona, Gary knows firsthand that good paying jobs for the middle class are the heartbeat of a strong economy.  He recognizes the need to incentivize job growth by supporting our small businesses and entrepreneurs. That starts by both lowering taxes and repealing Dodd-Frank in order to encourage lenders to support financing opportunities for American small businesses and job creators.

LOWER TAXES AND MAKE THINGS SIMPLER and FAIRER: Committed to fighting for lower taxes, Gary is supportive of solutions that are flatter, fairer and simpler for our hardworking taxpayers and businesses. Gary believes that we must lower the corporate tax rate to encourage companies to return from overseas – ultimately improving the jobs climate here at home.

SECURE THE BORDER: It’s critical we immediately secure the border to reduce the influx of crime while putting a stop to harboring those who are residing illegally in our country.  Gary knows that we currently lack the stability of a comprehensive border control zone across our southern states, and believes it’s time we use common sense logic to utilize technology and patrolling on the ground and in the air. That means returning the surface management of border regions to the states to allow for a comprehensive fencing and patrolling operation to secure the southern entryway to our nation.

STOP THE EPA’s OVERREACH AND RETURN FEDERAL LANDS TO OUR STATES: Gary firmly believes that our farmers, land owners, energy providers and members of the Arizona Ag industry know what’s best when it comes to being good stewards of Arizona’s natural resources. Arizonans want and support clean air and clean water, but we need to stop the federal overreach that’s stymying job and energy growth by dictating aggressive regulations touching all aspects of our natural resource industries.  In addition, Gary believes it is time we return Federal lands back to our states in order to boost energy and economic growth.

MAKE AMERICA ENERGY INDEPENDENT:  A business owner in the oil & gas industry, Gary understands the role that energy will have on the future of America’s economy and security. Supportive of an “all of the above” energy approach, Gary wants to pursue policies that allow more oil and natural gas drilling on Federal lands and the outer continental shelf, build the Keystone XL Pipeline, and support alternative energy sources like wind, solar and hydropower.

DEFEND THE 2ND AMENDMENT: A lifelong member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and a proud member of the NRA, Gary is an avid supporter of our Constitutionally protected, 2nd Amendment rights and will always stand in defense of our rural way of life that embraces the safe exercise of firearm use and responsible ownership.

EDUCATION: When it comes to the education and well being of our children, I believe in accountability, accessibility and local control of decision-making.  I am firmly opposed to Common Core programs and anything that is a federal government, top down approach.  We need to make sure our parents have the tools available to them to provide the best education for their children and I’m supportive of increased access through vouchers and other means that will give families greater flexibility in determining where and how their children are educated.  We must do a better job of preparing our children to excel and lead in our local communities and in the global economy.