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August 8, 2016…Today, Gary Kiehne, a rancher, small business owner and the grassroots candidate running to represent Arizona’s First Congressional District announced that Congressman Duncan Hunter Jr. has endorsed his campaign in the competitive open seat race.

“I support and endorse Gary Kiehne for United States Congress because he knows what it means to be an American.  He understands the sacrifices my brothers and I made overseas fighting radical Islam, and Gary understands the need for a secure border and a sovereign United States,” said Hunter.  Gary also knows the American people have been sold out by the political class, and it’s time for change.  We need Gary in Congress. I need him to stand by my side and America needs him to help us forge a new path ahead to security and prosperity.”

Congressman Duncan Hunter Jr. is a veteran, having served in three combat tours, and a member of the United States Marine Corps Reserve.  A strong conservative who represents California’s 50th Congressional District in San Diego, his focus is on strengthening our national security and the border, improving the economic climate and standing in defense of conservative values.

“It’s a tremendous honor to have the support of Congressman Duncan Hunter Jr.  He has fought relentlessy to improve our national security and enforce the laws on the books when it comes to the border.  If elected to represent Arizona’s First Congressional District, I will proudly work alongside of Congressman Hunter and others who are tireless in their efforts to truly improve our national security and fix our border crisis once and for all.”

Gary Kiehne is anything but a politician. He’s never held elected office and is running to bring his successes in small business to fight for us. Kiehne believes it’s time for true change, because the establishment on both sides of the aisle, driven by career politicians, is simply not getting the job done.

Kiehne has spent his life in the private sector, creating jobs and growing his small businesses in the oil, ranching, construction, real estate and hotel industries. He knows what it will take to restore fiscal prosperity to rural Arizona, and that starts by reining in Washington’s culture of spending, fixing the tax code and shrinking the size of a federal government that is too big.

In November, Gary was named to the first round of “On the Radar” candidates by the National Republican Congressional Committee, a national display of momentum for his candidacy.

Born in Springerville, Apache County, Gary Kiehne is an Arizona cattleman and small business owner. He owns three hotels in Arizona’s 1st Congressional District and works in the oil and gas industry. Gary and his wife Julie have three children, Mendy, Holly and Chance, and four young grandchildren. A roper, Gary is a member of the United States Team Roping Association and the World Series of Team Roping. An avid outdoorsman, Gary is a lifelong member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and belongs to the National Rifle Association.

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