Contact: Gaither Martin
Phone: 928.245.0103

August 24, 2016…Gary Kiehne, rancher, small business owner and the grassroots candidate running to represent Arizona’s First Congressional District, is proud to announce he has been endorsed by the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund ahead of next Tuesday’s Republican Primary.

The Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Chairman Jenny Beth Martin gave the following statement regarding this endorsement:

“In this crowded field, we find Gary Kiehne to be the standout. His no-nonsense conservative approach to public policy problems – securing our borders, getting the nation’s fiscal house in order by stopping the theft of trillions of dollars from future generations, cutting taxes and regulations to make it easier for small businesses to create jobs and people to find work, blocking the Environmental Protection Agency’s overreach, and repealing the monstrosity known as ObamaCare – speaks to his solid grounding as a Constitutional conservative.

“…Consequently, on behalf of Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund, I am pleased to endorse Gary Kiehne for the Republican nomination for the seat representing Arizona’s First Congressional District, and I urge all voters in Arizona’s First District to make a plan to be a voter for him in the August 30 primary and in the November general election.”

“I am proud to have the endorsement of the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund,” said Kiehne. “This latest endorsement is another sign of our growing momentum in this important race. Our message is resonating with Arizonans who are ready for real conservative change in Washington, D.C. As your next U.S. Congressman, I will fight every day for that change.”

In November, Kiehne was named to the first round of “On the Radar” candidates by the National Republican Congressional Committee, a national display of momentum for his candidacy. Kiehne has been endorsed by dozens of local leaders and influencers in Arizona’s First Congressional District, along with several local organizations, publications, Arizona’s Speaker of the House David Gowan, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Born in Springerville, Apache County, Gary Kiehne is an Arizona cattleman and small business owner. He owns three hotels in Arizona’s 1st Congressional District and works in the oil and gas industry. Gary and his wife Julie have three children, Mendy, Holly and Chance, and four young grandchildren. A roper, Gary is a member of the United States Team Roping Association and the World Series of Team Roping. An avid outdoorsman, Gary is a lifelong member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and belongs to the National Rifle Association.

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