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August 15, 2016… The Gary Kiehne for Congress campaign released the following open letter to Arizona CD 1 voters from the longest serving Apache County Sheriff, C. Arthur Lee:

Open Letter to Congressional District One Voters:

I am a seven term retired Sheriff and have been a Congressional District One resident for most of my adult life.  At the time of my retirement at the end of 1988, myself and Sheriff Richards of Coconino County were the two longest tenured Sheriffs in Arizona history.  I mention this only to establish that I am no stranger to the political process.

As I look at the candidates for Congressional District One it seems we have the best, the worst, and some carpet baggers in between.  Some of them come from metro areas which is not what we need for Congressional District One.

In my considered opinion, the worst of the lot is the Pinal County Sheriff.  I know far too many good professional peace officers from that county who have been victims of the Sheriff for no good reason other than to further his agenda.  He has way too much baggage for us to send him to Washington.  There is the controversy of incidents when he was headmaster at a boy’s school in another state, the accusation of threatening to have his illegal alien boyfriend deported if he didn’t keep his mouth shut, blatant misuse of state surplus equipment by the Sheriff, to name a few.

The best candidate for our district, in my opinion, is Gary Kiehne.  He lives here and has business interests here including ranching and other businesses within the district.  We have a rare opportunity to elect a person who doesn’t just talk a good story, he lives it every day.  I don’t believe anyone in the race can even touch his qualifications to represent our interests.  Mr. Kiehne is also an ardent supporter of Veteran’s rights and individual rights.
C. Arthur Lee
Apache County Sheriff (Retired)

In November, Gary was named to the first round of “On the Radar” candidates by the National Republican Congressional Committee, a national display of momentum for his candidacy.  Kiehne has been endorsed by dozens of local leaders and influencers in Arizona’s First Congressional District, along with several local organizations, publications and the Arizona State Speaker of the House, David Gowan.

Born in Springerville, Apache County, Gary Kiehne is an Arizona cattleman and small business owner. He owns three hotels in Arizona’s 1st Congressional District and works in the oil and gas industry. Gary and his wife Julie have three children, Mendy, Holly and Chance, and four young grandchildren. A roper, Gary is a member of the United States Team Roping Association and the World Series of Team Roping. An avid outdoorsman, Gary is a lifelong member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and belongs to the National Rifle Association.

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